Lala Nómada

Lala Nómada

Site specific - Research

Pic du Pursuit. One to one Performance – Installation. Durarion: 10 min. June 6th to 17th, 2017. Exhibition: Circuit Training. Artistic research in and about CERN institute. Das Weisses Haus. Vienna,2017. Pic.

Encounter#43. Duration: 3 hours. LA/LA Festival. Human Resources; Los Angeles, Cal. 2018. Pic. J.L. Reynoso.

Trust Blind. Intervention and research at Friedrich Fort. Duration: Chapter I and II, 20 min each. Crossover Festival. Kiel, Sept. 3rd and 4th, 2016. Pict.R.Ghadyani

Untitled. City-intervention. Duration: 15 min. At PAErsche unterwegs. Cologne,2015. Pic. UJB

Would-u-marry-me? …In a country without divorse.. Duration: 20 min. At Dugtungan Festival. Santiago. Philippines.2015. Pic.Enzo

If to get German. Performance/ Investigation about myself. Duration: 15 min. Transnationality and translinguality. MPA-B. Berlin,2014. Pic. Barney

Misterium Coniunctionis. 12 Hours Performance. Paris, 2012. Pic. J.Pierre.P.

Bloss-zu hause sein. One to one performance. Duration: 60 min. At PerformanceZuHause Festival. Cologne,2015. Collaboration with Katharina Jej. Pic. L.Nomada. The guest are ask to enter one room and follow the situation or the instructions behind the door.

Online Family/ In touch. Long- distance-Performance. Arizona Between Nosotros, Festival. Tucson and -Phoenix, Texas (USA) and Nogales, Mex. June-July, 2011. Pic. L.Nomada. The action consisted of online chats with the visitors of the festival in a home-like environment (at each museum a small living room was built), as they would do it with their own families and friends.

Focused on a specific topic and analyzing the possibilities offered by each performance space, Lala Nómada creates situations in which her reflections and thoughts can be experienced by the audience.

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